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For renting our vehicles at Paladin Exotics, we kindly require that you have full coverage insurance (comprehensive and collision coverage) on your personal car, active for at least one week, from a major insurance provider (e.g., USAA, GEICO, Safeco, Allstate, Nationwide, Travelers, American Family, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot accept high-risk insurance (e.g., Vern Fonk, The General), while premium credit card insurance (e.g., American Express, Chase) may be used for supplemental coverage but cannot replace a traditional auto policy under any circumstances. Please ensure that your deductible for collision and comprehensive does not exceed $1000 for each.


To rent our luxurious vehicles at Paladin Exotics, we kindly request that you provide a valid US driver's license. This requirement ensures compliance with regulations and prioritizes the safety of our customers and the public.


To ensure the protection of our vehicles, Paladin Exotics requires a security deposit from all renters. The deposit amounts vary based on age groups as follows:


  •  Renters aged 21 to 24 are required to provide a security-deposit of $2000.

  • Renters aged 25 to 29 are required to provide a-security deposit of $1500.

  • Renters aged 30 and above are required to provide a security deposit of $1000.

These security deposits are refundable upon the safe and timely return of the rented vehicle, subject to any necessary deductions for damages or additional charges incurred during the rental period.


We warmly welcome renters between the ages of 21 and 24. However, please be aware that a 20% fee, calculated based on the retail price of your rental, will be applied to accommodate underage rentals. It is important to note that for our Hellcat vehicles, renters must be 30 years of age or older to access the red key.

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